The Band

The Band

A staple in the local music scene for 40 years, our lead guitar player and founding member of Grit-N-Whiskey is a well respected member of the local music community. He’s performed in numerous bands over the years that include Saratoga favorite Fire-N-Ice, Tat, and Silk Velocity. Dave’s searing lead guitar pulls from hard rock, alternative and southern rock influences. He was a recipient of the NCMA Musician of the Year award in 2017.

The GNW Bassist since 2019, Chris lays down solid grooves all night in addition to adding a touch of humor to our stage show. He had played in various bands in Cleveland, OH before coming to NY and playing with such bands as One Night Stand and Restless Widow. He adds a cohesiveness to our show that really brings the band together! In his own words, in 2019 “he scored the dream gig to play with G-N-W where he intends to play until NYS taxes come down or the world runs out of whiskey – whichever comes first.”

Matt not only brings a classic drum sound but also elevates the band too another level with both his lead and harmony vocals. On the music scene for 47 years, he started guitar at 12, performed on the Jerry Lewis Telethon w/ Ed White and The Easterners at 16 and played bass on the Glens Falls scene for many years before switching his talents to the drums. He’s performed in many bands including Traveling, Kenny T and The Backroad Band, and Classified. At present he enjoys performing with G-N-W! He draws on influences such as Glen Campbell, The Allman Brothers, Doobies, Phil Collins, and The Beatles.

The frontwoman for the band for the past 8 years, Shawna brings a powerful voice that is based in her rock roots. With strong lead vocals, incredibly tight harmonies, and numerous percussion instruments, she really helps to define the band’s sound. She is definitely the “whiskey” in G-N-W! Smooth, but at times hits you with a surprising burn that you cant help but feel when she’s on stage!

Our frontman since 2019, Art is a 2024 Eddies Music Awards nominee for Record of the Year with his single “I’ve Come to Realize”. He brings a unique combination of lead vocals, harmonies and lead guitar playing that really compliments the band. A member of the local music scene for over 20 years as a player and songwriter, Art has been in bands such as True Grit Outlaws, Rattlesnake, and Byrds of Prey. He draws heavily from his country, southern rock, and pop influences.

The original front woman and co-founder of Grit-N-Whiskey, some could argue that Terry was as much “grit” as she ever was “whiskey”.  With her strong, confident vocals, rhythmic percussion additions and keys, she really helped define the early GNW sound.  Always in our hearts and loved by all, sometimes if you really pay attention, you can still feel her fire on stage.  We miss you Terry Lee.